Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010---what a year!

We had a wonderful 2010! God really blessed us as a family and we're excited to see what 2011 holds for us. Here's a recap of our year.
January: I was newly pregnant and excited to find out we had a healthy looking baby in there. I didn't seem to take many pictures in January...I was sick and exhausted! I can't get over how little Arabelle looks in these pictures!

February: This was a big month for Arabelle! She started going to "school" 2 mornings a week at FBC Douglas. She cried a lot at first, but grew to like it. It also snowed in February! The end of February, we found out that Bo was a boy. What an exciting month!
First day of school
March: March was a busy birthday month. We had fun at Rhianna and Gigi's Oscar party and enjoyed a family meal to celebrate Bloodworth birthdays. It was warming up some towards the end of March and we had a lot of fun playing outside.

Birthdays--Lindsey, Daddy, Grandma

April: Another fun month! We went to Athens for the spring football game and visited friends. Isaiah was born while we were in Athens. A sweet addition to the Bloodworth family! Arabelle had an Easter party at school and the annual Egg Hunt at our church. She really got into hunting the eggs, until she realized there was candy inside, then she stopped to open each one. We went to the beach with Leigh Leigh, Julee Brooke, Rhianna, and Gigi during spring break.

Walking around the campus with Daddy

Beach trip!

Easter Sunday
May: I was pretty much over the morning (all day!) sickness by May and enjoying the warm weather. Arabelle 'graduated' at school, we celebrated Mother's Day in Pineview and in Broxton, and Jared and I took a weekend get-away to Fernandina for our 6th wedding anniversary the end of the month. That was the first time being away from Arabelle overnight! She had a blast at Mamaw and Papaw's house. 
Quite possibly my favorite picture of Arabelle!
Baby Isaiah
Mother's Day weekend

Mother's Day

Our get-away

Sweet smile!
June: We loved June! I think we spent nearly the entire month outside enjoying the warm weather. We made a trip to Macon to celebrate Steven's 30th Birthday, enjoyed Mamaw and Papaw's pool, ate a TON of Sambo's blueberries, took a family trip to Fernandina and visited the Jacksonville zoo, and celebrated Father's Day. Arabelle also potty trained in June! I think June was when the pacifier "broke" (I cut the end off). She adjusted pretty well to not having the paci. We also moved the end of June. What a month!

Steven's birthday

Blueberries---Rhianna, Arabelle, Gigi
Beach trip

Father's Day!
July: We started the month off with a trip to St. Augustine with the Bloodworths. It was so fun! Arabelle really loved the beach and it was nice to have someone else to chase her all over the place. We also found out that Lindsey and Brian were expecting a baby on that trip! I turned 26 this month too. We went to the beach again with the Roberts, was visited by the Love boys, started getting things ready for "baby Roberts", and ate a lot of Papaw's watermelons! Somewhere in there, Arabelle transitioned out of the crib and into a big bed.
St. Augustine with Papaw and Mamaw

Anderson and Arabelle


Getting ready for baby--trying out the bouncy seat

Beach girls!

Visit from Ish, Besek, and Isa

August: I spent much of August thinking I'd be pregnant forever! ha! Arabelle started a new year at "school", this time going 3 mornings a week. She adjusted much easier this time around. Bo came along, 8 days past the due date and BIG! I had a really easy labor and delivery (thank goodness!) and we got settled in as a family of 4.

First day of school

Welcome baby Bo!
First day home
September: Arabelle turned 2 in September! I still can't believe how big she's gotten. We had a fun party the weekend before and had a party at school for her on her actual birthday. Bo was also a month old on her birthday. It's so nice that they were both born on the 20th of the month. Tripp was born on the 21st....more babies!
Cowgirl day at school

Birthday party!

Bo at 1 month

Daddy and Arabelle 
October: We went to Atlanta the first of Oct. to check Arabelle's bladder reflux. It had improved some, but we still have to go back next year and continue antibiotics until then. We went to Pineview for a surprise birthday party for Mamaw and took a field trip to the pumpkin patch with Arabelle's school. We ended the month at the church's fall festival.

2 months

Pumpkin patch

November: We went to Pinevew for the Harvest Festival and parade the beginning of the month, played a lot at home, and celebrated Thanksgiving with both sides of the family. We got our Christmas tree and started decorating for Christmas at the end of the month. Arabelle also had Hand, Foot, Mouth disease just before Thanksgiving, which was TERRIBLE for her!
Pineview parade

Big Bo!

Bloodworth family
December: I started the blog in December! We celebrated Jared's birthday, surprised Mama Love for her birthday, Arabelle had her Nativity program at school, and celebrated Christmas with our families. What a wonderful month!

Mama Love's birthday party

Happy birthday Jared!

Okay, that took forever, but I can't get over how much Arabelle changed this past year!


  1. Love this post! I'm so impressed that you remembered all of this! We missed ya'll today. :)

  2. I used the pictures to remember it all. I'm sure I forgot some things though. Missed ya'll too!

  3. I had seen many of those pics before, but some were new to me. Love them all though! Thanks for sharing, I loved the trip down memory lane.