Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Play Ball!

Arabelle and Bo had their first t-ball game yesterday. They were really excited and WILD before the game.

Ready to play!!

They both did really well playing the field. They ran after the ball and got several of them!

Arabelle had a really good hit:

And so did Bo:

Here's some action in the field. I love how Bo just runs towards the plate, but doesn't actually cross the line they spray painted on the field to keep the kids back. 

No, I didn't take my good camera this time (just phone pics and video). I just wasn't feeling it yesterday after sprinting to the road to keep Bo from driving a little ride on toy into the street (He NEVER does that....I don't know what got into him!).

Thanks to Sambo for helping Jared re-direct a little out there!

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