Friday, May 3, 2013

38 week update (a little late!)

It's MAY! I can't believe it! It seems like it's been so long since we discovered our little surprise and at the same time, it's flown by.

  • How far along: 38 weeks 4 days
  • Size of the baby: Yesterday, the baby measured 7lb 13oz in the ultrasound, which is the 70th percentile. He/she gained 11 oz in 2 weeks with 2 weeks to go. We've still got a chance to stay under 9 lbs! 
  • Latest Dr. appt: Obviously the baby is growing well! The NST strip looked good. The baby was moving a lot and the heart rate varied from the 130s to 160s, depending on movement. I'll start getting checked next week at 39 weeks. 
  • Weight gain: Shockingly, I'd dropped back down a pound, so I'm at 26 lbs.
  • Gender: Still a surprise!!! I'm SO excited for that moment when we get to SEE if it's a boy or girl! Arabelle is really excited to find out too. She says she wants to tell everyone, so if the baby comes during the day, be prepared for us to let Arabelle & Bo in the room FIRST and to let them tell the rest of the family. :)
  • Movement: Still a lot and OUCH!
  • Sleep: Depends on the night. I usually sleep like a rock, besides getting up to use the bathroom, until early morning (5am?), then I doze off and on a lot. Sometimes I give up and just get up before the sun. Training for sleep with a newborn, I guess!
  • Signs of labor: Before I had Arabelle and Bo, I had a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions  (non painful "practice" contractions) and low back pain in the days-week before they were born, so I'm thinking nothing will be happening in the next several days. I actually still feel really good...just a few sharp pains at times from sciatica, but going to the chiropractor every 1-2 weeks has helped tremendously!
  • What's next: NST and Dr. appt on Monday. I'm trying to enjoy every last moment of being a family of 4 before we make the big transition to a family of 5!

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