Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pre-School "Graduation" Program

Arabelle and Bo had their pre-school graduation program Tuesday evening. They both learned so much at school this year and LOVED their teachers! Both of their classes sang a couple of songs and said a Bible verse for us.

Bo is there in the middle in the white shirt and khaki shorts. His cousin Tripp is on the left in the red shirt:

Here is Bo's class singing The B-I-B-L-E and The Wheels on the Bus. He was really into it! 

Arabelle was on the back row, there right behind the microphone. She doesn't get as into the songs as Bo did, but she sure knew them and did great!

Arabelle's class singing My God is so Big and The Moving Song. I'm so glad no one fell off the back of the bleachers they had them on! I'm not sure they fully thought that one through. 

And my favorite picture from the evening:

Poor ol' Bo. He had been on Jared's shoulders and was going to get to stay there for the picture, but he reached down and pulled my hair, so he got put on the ground and was NOT too pleased about it. ;) I'm sure this will be a picture we laugh at for YEARS to come!

*Yes, I'm nearly a week overdue and no, I'm not feeling anything. :p

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