Tuesday, May 14, 2013

40 week update

Well, the due date of May 12th has come and gone and the baby is still baking! I was prepared to go overdue this time though, so it's a little easier, mentally at least. ;)

  • How far along: 40 weeks 2 days
  • Size of the baby: Um, huge?? Arabelle was 9lb 7oz and Bo was 9lb 10oz. I'm fully expecting another 9 pound baby. I didn't have an u/s today.....considering how inaccurate they can be at the end anyway, that's fine with me. 
  • Latest Dr. Appt: The baby looked great on the monitor again today! Lots of movement and variation in the heart rate. I was 2cm and 70% effaced (last week was 1.5 and 70%, so not much progress) and the baby was still nice and high. 
  • Weight Gain: 28 pounds! 
  • Gender: Still a surprise! Hopefully we'll find out this week!
  • Sleep: Sleep has been more difficult lately. I can fall asleep fast, but wake up a lot to roll over, which should be an Olympic sport at this point. I'm usually awake for the day by 6. I guess it's training for life with a newborn.
  • Signs of Labor: Still nothing. Absolutely NOTHING! No contractions, low back pain, etc. At this point, I'm read for the pain!
  • What's next: Ideally, labor will start on it's own in a few days. If not, I'll go back to the Dr. next Wednesday morning, the 22nd (41 weeks 3 days) and we'll make some decisions from there. My body knows what to do, it's just not time yet! 
  • I'm thinking of making a list of things NOT to say to any pregnant woman and include those things not to say to an overdue lady. ;)

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