Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend away

Jared, Bo, and I enjoyed a weekend in Athens! Jared was going for a trial practice seminar, so Bo and I went along for the trip. Arabelle went to my parents for the weekend and of course, had a great time too. Jared's work paid for the hotel, etc. so we stayed at the Holiday Inn downtown so Jared could walk to the law school for class. It was so nice to be right there and take some walks with Bo. He loves riding in the stroller and enjoyed having some playtime outside in the grassy areas.
Bo's favorite thing to do in the hotel was to open and close the little cover on the air conditioner thermostat.
What's that????

Love this sweet little boy!!

Waiting on Daddy to come out. I tried to get him to sit on the step for a picture, but he spotted some squirrels and wanted to try to catch them. 
There is a place called "Gigi's Cupcakes" nearby, so I had to try that out. They had HUGE cupcakes! This was a really good red velvet.

Don't feel too bad for Arabelle....she swam nearly every day . Here she is taking a break from the pool to have a Snickers.

Pizza Hut!
We were SO happy to see her Sunday night! I think she missed Bo the most. She kept hugging and kissing him. He was just as happy to see her.


  1. Hey!

    Awww those two are adorable!

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  2. Daddy looks like he is more concentrated on coloring than Arabelle is.

  3. looks like a great time!!

    I'm stopping by on the blog hop!

  4. I love Bo's jon jon! So cute.