Thursday, June 2, 2011


Arabelle is quite the character these home anyway. She's still pretty quiet outside the house.

She got a little baby doll stroller from Aunt Kay and Uncle Gary for Christmas and she LOVES it. Not for her baby dolls though, she likes to sit in it, buckle it, and walk herself up and down the hallway. ha! I wonder how much longer she'll fit in it??

Yesterday, she picked up her play phone and said "Hey, it's me, Arabelle. What you do? I just at home with Mama and Bo.". Wonder who she was talking to and what she wanted to be doing since she was "just" at home with us. ;)

Arabelle got her winter hat and mittens out the other day and wore them for awhile. Also, check out her shoes.

We've been working on some more difficult puzzles lately and she's getting pretty good!
So proud!
Bo's been up to his same old stuff.....crawling around, getting into everything, and being CUTE!

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  1. She reminds me of Anderson with her hats and mittens on. :) Isaiah has those same pjs - they were Anderson's! Looking forward to seeing ya'll this weekend!