Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Day

We had a fun day today, well except for Bo teething like there's no tomorrow. The poor boy has big swollen upper gums and an ulcerative white spot where the tooth is about to erupt. Hopefully it will come on in soon and we all can get some relief!

This morning, they had a reptile show at the library, so we went to that. It was a packed house! Arabelle was entertained long enough to see a lizzard, frog, & snake, then she was ready to go.
She wanted a ponytail like mine today. It makes her look so grown up!

At the library
We ran to Harvey's to take advantage of their 2 for 1 on Tetley tea. If you know Jared, you know how much he likes his sweet tea! I had coupons & loaded coupons on my Harvey's card, so I got 2 boxes of Family Sized tea bags for $0.18! That's my deal of the week!
Arabelle wanted to sit on this 3 wheeler outside of Harveys.  Please don't tell her you can make it move if you put money in it! ha!
Poor Bo and his swollen gum. 
Bo has been enjoying pushing his little car around the back yard this week. Here he is in action!

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