Thursday, June 9, 2011

Work, laundry, playing, strolling, and blueberries

We had another really fun day! When Bo was younger, it was tough to figure out what to do being home all day with 2 young kids, but now that he's napping a bit longer at a time and plays with Arabelle, it's much easier and the days are fun (for the most part!).

Arabelle worked on her fine motor skills with her new lacing cards while Bo napped this morning. She gets so serious about it!
So focused. She had a cute braid today.
We also played with Bo's hairstyle today. :)

Here's Arabelle ready for her "rest". I got this tutu skirt after Halloween on clearance for $2.50. She has been wearing it all week.

Bo helped fold some clothes.

Love that cute grin!

Arabelle was happy when Bo woke up and wanted to try out her old crib.

Think she's asleep???
After supper, Arabelle, Bo, baby bear, and I took a stroll. She LOVED walking with her stroller! For some reason, Arabelle ends up half naked by the afternoon. Hopefully she'll out grow that. ha!

Then, we went to Sambo's blueberry field! We all left with blue tongues. :)

This is the picker. It goes over the bushes and shakes the berries off. 

They are directed into the lugs. 

Still eating!

Then we came home and a certain little girl had a major meltdown (long day, no nap....) and went straight to bed after her bath. 

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  1. You are making me miss south GA just a teeny tiny bit! Looks like yall had a fabulous day! Love Bo's new hair-do (can you call it that for a boy?) and Arabelle's braid. I can't wait until Mc has enough hair for me to play with!