Friday, June 24, 2011

Back yard fun

We spend nearly every afternoon playing out side in the sprinklers/pools. It's been SO hot, so there's not much more we can do. We are thankful to have a big pecan tree in the backyard to provide plenty of shade. Here are a few pictures from Wednesday afternoon.

Trying out the water

Pretty girl

Playing together. :)

She splashed too much, so he got out and crawled to me. I see this view many times each day. 

The Splasher

This looks so funny to me. Bo just stands up! He did take a few baby steps!

 I love this little grin

Then, Arabelle kicked the car. This was the result. 

Arabelle pushed him all around the yard.

Cracks me up!

Check out her shadow....a frog!


  1. This post just cracks me up! The interactions of siblings- love it! lol

  2. This one IS hilarious!! Bo makes the cutest faces and Arabelle is a doll :-)