Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mini Moments

It's been awhile again! We've been busy with school and soccer the last couple of weeks.

We spent a little time at the new house on Saturday. The kids love to play in the dirt, hunt frogs, and make believe. The house is coming along! You can see the siding is going on now....

Mae was really excited to see a bathtub in! I am curious to see if she realizes we are actually going to MOVE over there.

Mr Lego made a set of baby dinosaurs and a brontosaurus over the weekend. He likes to watch the youtube video for the step by step instructions.

Sunday afternoon we made some ugly but tasty caramel and chocolate apples.

Mae never got to the apple part. She just ate the caramel and chocolate off.

Monday we had to make a run into Harvey's for fruit before getting Mae from pre-school. Zeke sat in the car buggy for the first time and Arabelle and Bo hopped out of the van dressed as super heroes. Ha!

Zeke is the sweetest little nugget! He is always peeking through his play pen when I go to get him after his play time.

He and Bo love playing a little rough.

Mae got out of the swing and 'let' Zeke get in. I took a picture then made a video (watch HERE). She says it's her turn very soon after Zeke started swinging. Ha!

Zeke is getting mobile really quickly! He has learned to sit himself up and can scoot around and rock on his hands and knees.

His favorite place to be in the evening during his little 'witching hour'.

Mae took over the school this week and drew "Mamaw Papaw" on the dry erase board.

I found a really neat art tutorial for kids on Youtube called Art for Kids Hub and Arabelle really enjoys it!

This was her first one....pumpkin and leaves.

Bo followed the instructions on the drawing of the pumpkin, but went off the radar on the coloring, blending, and shading. He wanted a multi-colored pumpkin.

Both kids are playing soccer and enjoying it! A soccer post with videos coming soon.

One day last week, there was a homeschool field trip to the Sheriff's office. One of my friends picked up Arabelle and Bo and took them for me since I was under the weather.

They had a great time! I asked Bo to draw me a picture of his favorite part of the trip. He drew these men. The green one is the Sheriff's officer (with a 'star' on his shirt) and then 2 prisoners. At least one is really happy. ;)

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