Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Harvest Festival

We went to the annual Harvest Festival at church on Saturday evening. The kids had a great time! Arabelle counted down the hours and minutes all day long, which was good for her math skills, but pretty darn annoying. ha!

Here's our Frozen themed characters. Arabelle is dressed as Princess Anna, Zeke is Olaf the snowman (in my cheap-o homemade costume), and Princess Elsa (in an old Cinderella dress with a picture of Elsa taped on the front). Ha!

Arabelle was so proud that Zeke fit in the theme.

Bo had said he was going to be a Ninja Turtle and wear his shell and mask, but at the last minute, he just grabbed his mask and cape and said he was Batman (nevermind the Captain America t-shirt!).

 My beauties!

Boys! :)

Bo took a girls picture for us and this is classic Mae!

Mae and her little friend played in the small bouncy house most of the time.

Bo and Arabelle played a lot of games for candy and prizes.

And they loved the big inflatable obstacle course.

Zeke took a little doze too.

Mamaw came to help out since Jared was at the GA game, so the kids were thrilled to have her there! 

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