Monday, November 2, 2015

Mae's Field Trip--Pumpkin Patch

We have been going to Red Brick Farms with the pre-school for 5 years now. It was Mae's turn this year and she was really excited!

Arabelle and Bo spent a few hours with Jared while Mae, Zeke, and I went to the pumpkin patch.

She loved all the pumpkins on display.

All my kids have loved sitting in the little tractors. Then they get disappointed when they won't GO!

Her little class. She's peeking through the blonde headed hole...

Her favorite was the corn bin.

 And the snack. :)

Zeke slept in the baby carrier and woke up for a picture too.

She also played on the playset (and had a pee accident too....oops!) and we went on the longest hayride in history. ;)

Because I'm a sucker for comparison pictures, here is Arabelle at 2 years 1 mo and Mae at 2 years 5 mo.

And Bo at 2 years 2 mo and Mae at 2 years 5 mo.

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