Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mini Moments

I have no idea where I left off. Things have been busy!

We painted acorns a couple of weeks ago for a fall craft.

After our field trip to the Pumpkin Patch, Jared carved our pumpkin with a Georgia 'G'. Like our football season, it rotted pretty quickly.

Here's our silliest kid.

And he thinks he is soooo funny. haha!

Then Mae has to do the same thing he did.

 Zeke is buckled in the bouncy seat, but always trying to get out!

Arabelle and Bo opened a 'hair salon' the other day and did this to Zeke's hair. Ha! They sprayed it with water, then styled it. I paid $0.02 for this. Zeke was a good sport.

 Zeke is getting ready to crawl.

And this little sweetie is potty trained! We started last Sunday and she picked up pretty quickly with just a few accidents through the week.

She had to put on Bo's shoes and shin guards after his soccer game on Tue.

Always tagging along....

We made a catapult this week from a science video we watched.

We found 2 snails! This was the second one....


Bo likes to 'decorate' my hair with flowers.

Funny little expression!

The first snail we found. It was on the front porch one morning.

We took a walk one morning and Mae wanted to scooter, so she went just a little bit and I asked her to turn around. She said she didn't want to, so I asked where she was going and she said, "Sambo and Leigh Leigh's!!!". 

Arabelle had her 7 year check up one day this week. She's still tall and healthy. :)

And Bo is really enjoying the reading program, All About Reading. He asked to read this story several times!

And a few videos, of course:

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