Friday, November 20, 2015

Zeke is 6 months old!

Zeke is 6 months old! He has changed so much in the last month and learned a lot of new tricks.

  • I don't know how much Zeke weighs. His 6 mo check up is next week. I am guessing around 18 lbs? He's definitely growing well and has some chunky thighs! I just put away his 6 mo footie PJs and have him in the 9 mo ones. He's in a size 3 diaper still. 
  • He is such an active boy! He loves to jump and learned to sit himself up from laying down and can go from sitting back to his belly without flopping over. He also started crawling some a few days before 6 months. Now at 6 mo 2 days he is going pretty far to get what he wants! Here is a video of Zeke crawling.  And here he is playing outside a couple of weeks ago during Arabelle's piano lesson. 

  • Zeke is a pretty serious and focused baby at times. When he's in the bath, he plays with this yellow cup and I can hardly get him to take his eyes off it. And he is pretty unhappy when it's time to get out and drop the cup. :) Mae bathed in the tub with him one day and she enjoyed it. 

  •  Zeke is mostly sleeping well at night. Most of the time he is sleeping from bedtime (8ish) to 4-5 am, nursing, then sleeping until 7-7:30. Sometimes he will wake  earlier in the night and again in the early morning, but thankfully that's rare! 
  • Naps are hit or miss. Once he learned to sit himself up, he did that in the crib and didn't want to nap. We worked through it and he's back to napping better. His morning awake time is around 2h 15min, then napping 45-90 minutes. His second awake time is around 2h 30-45min and he will *usually* take a good 1.5-2h nap. If he doesn't get a good second nap, he will take a short 3rd nap in the evening. Bedtime is around 8 if he gets a 3rd nap and 7ish if he doesn't. He almost always goes to bed without a peep.
  • He's nursing in the morning, after his naps, at bedtime and when he wakes at night. He is finally starting to spit up less!  

  • Zeke has the sweetest little personality. He loves to smile and stick his tongue out when he is spoken too and he just laughs and laughs at Bo when he acts silly.
  • I'm planning on starting solids with him soon. Maybe next week.

  • The monthly pictures are a little more interesting now.....

  • Zeke rides in the car just fine now. He will take a short nap if it's nap time. We haven't done any long trips though. ;)
  • Zeke has been in the swing outside a few times, but he doesn't really LOVE it. Here's Mae pushing Zeke in the swing. 

  • Zeke is still doing really well in the playpen for independent play time. He will stay for 15-20 minutes 2-3 times a day. There's always a cute little face waiting for me to come get him! 

 All 4 at 6 mo old!

Zeke from 1-6 months old.

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