Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring Porch Washing

Once it warms up in the Spring, we always get out and wash the front porch down and have a little fun!

It was definitely difficult taking a few pictures while making sure the camera didn't get wet and keeping Mae from falling down the steps.

Mae loved the soap bucket (and yes, she's gnawing on a stick Bo put in the water. Oops.).

Arabelle took the job very seriously.

And Bo was, well, Bo. :)

The water hose has a little hole in it, so they had a 'sprinkler' too.

Mae saw Bo washing the door and joined in.

This is hilarious to me. Sums up our days around here...WILD and CRAZY! :)

I guess this is another 'thing' we'll be doing every year and I'll take pictures of. I always wonder how long I'll get away with these things and have them smiling. Do you think they'll be grinning like this when they're 17, 15, and 12??

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