Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mae's Birthday and Bo's Pre-school 'Graduation'

 Mae turned one year old on May 20th! Of course, we did our best to make the day special for her! We started with blueberry pancakes and eggs. She wasn't sure about the candle! 

 "Blowing out" the candle:

 Arabelle painted a wooden jewelry box for Mae and wrapped it up. Then she kept wrapping up random toys for Mae to open. Both kids were really excited about her birthday!

Then we spent some time on the porch swinging and singing before nap time.

Arabelle took a picture of Mae and me. A little blurry, but we're in it! 

After her nap, we went outside for a few picture and to play. She's loving her rocking chair from Sambo and Leigh Leigh.

After lunch, we went swimming at a friend's house, then home for a late nap before Bo's pre-school 'graduation' program. Fortunately, Bo napped too, so he was ready to go!

Bo is on the top row beside the balloons. He did well singing the songs! 

 Papaw and Mamaw came for Mae's birthday and Bo's program and we went out for Pizza after.

We had a tired baby on our hands!

Such a fun day to celebrate Mae! 

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