Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

 I can't believe how quickly the year went by! Last year, I was due with Mae on Mother's Day and now, here they all are! :)

Saturday, I told Bo how Mamas like to get breakfast in bed sometimes (hint hint), so they brought be pancakes and scrambled eggs in bed on Mother's Day morning! I also told him that children didn't whine on Mother's Day, but that trick didn't work. 

Arabelle and Bo piled on the bed with me (Jared had to take Mae out because she was trying to climb on me and steal my food, despite already eating a HUGE breakfast). Arabelle gave me a card she had made and a bracelet she found and wrapped up. She was really excited about Mother's Day (and yes, I reminded her all week that it was coming up)!

We went to church, which included Mae's baby dedication, then to Sambo and Leigh Leigh's for lunch, then home for REST! I actually laid in bed extra long and guilt free this one Sunday. We ended the day with outside play and some great steaks that Jared grilled. 

Great day with my babies, thanks to Jared! 

Here are the six years I've celebrated Mother's Day:

So thankful for these three and the fact that God saw fit for us to raise them. I really do treasure each moment with them (yes, even the trying times) because I can already see how FAST it all goes by. 

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