Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ten Years

May 29, 2004 seems like another lifetime ago! It's cliche to say, but I love Jared more today than I did when we were two clueless college kids (and seriously, we were kids!). 

If you would have told me then that we'd be living here and have 3 kids, it wouldn't have surprised me, but there's no way I could have imagined what this life together would really be like. It's challenging, chaotic, difficult, but also full of so much love, laughter, and joy and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Here's a few pictures from our wedding of pictures of course, before they gave you digital copies! 

I hate to say that I didn't care about the details of the wedding (obviously, I did want to look pretty in the dress!), but I wasn't too particular. So, thanks Mama, for planning the wedding. ;)

I did and still do really like the dress! Maybe the style will still be okay when Arabelle or Mae get married. :)

And the handsome groom!

Cutting the cake, which we literally had ONE bite of. Someone packed some food for us to take and didn't put any cake in it. I may have been a bit irritated about that at the time. ha! 

I only wish we were heading to Hawaii least this time we'd be old enough to rent a car. Haha! 

So thankful for how God has blessed us these last 10 years and looking forward to what the next 10 will hold! 

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