Monday, April 8, 2013

Strawberry Patch 2013

Every Spring, the kids' school takes a field trip to the Strawberry Patch. You can see last year's pictures here.

This year, Bo's class was there at 8:30 this morning and Arabelle's was at 10:00, so it was a fun (and long!) morning at the strawberry patch! It worked out really well for me time wise though, because I could take Bo back to school and still be there for Arabelle's class (ages 3 and up can ride the bus).

Bo LOVED this tractor last year and his feelings hadn't changed in a year. ;) I had to work to convince him to get off it to pick the strawberries!

They were supposed to pick 10 strawberries each, but Bo decided he needed 11 so he could eat one right away. They took their berries back to school for snack time.

Tripp especially liked riding the 'train'.

Class picture:

Arabelle and her closest friend, Breana. 

Arabelle was very selective about her 10 strawberries. 

She looks so grown up here!

It was a fun morning at the Strawberry patch!

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