Thursday, April 25, 2013

37 Week Update

It's nearly baby time! Baby Roberts is now considered full term!

  • How far along: 37 weeks 4 days
  • Size of baby: The baby measured 7lb 2oz yesterday on the ultrasound! Fortunately, the head size was in the 60th percentile this time, instead of the 80th. ;)
  • Latest Dr. Appt: The baby looked great again today! His/her heart rate was nice and variable on the non-stress test and is obviously growing well. Babies tend to gain half a pound/week the last several weeks.
  • Weight Gain: 27 lbs. Still gaining a pound/week. I've added 12 inches to my waist in these last 37 weeks!
  • Gender: still a surprise!!
  • Movement: Definitely a lot of painful movements. It's still so strange when I feel his/her foot sticking out the side.
  • Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well. It's obviously difficult to roll over in the bed and I'm achy feeling by morning, but I'm enjoying all the sleep before this baby comes and interrupts it. ;)
  • Signs of Labor: Nothing yet....
  • What's next: seeing the Dr. and continuing the non-stress tests weekly. I'll let him start checking me at 39 weeks (they offer to start at 37!) for progress.

37 weeks and 3 (or more) to go!

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  1. almost time! isn't not knowing SO FUN? I'm more excited for your birth than most of my friends who are pregnant b/c yours is the only SURPRISE!! whoohoo :)