Wednesday, April 10, 2013

35 week update

I can't believe it's down to the last 5 weeks!

  • How far along: 35 weeks 3 days
  • Size of baby: On the ultrasound today, the baby measured 6lb 3oz (64th percentile). His/her head was in the 80th fun. That should mean an 8.5 lb baby around the due date. 
  • Latest Dr. appt: I've been going weekly for non-stress tests--NST-- (sitting in a cozy recliner while the baby's heart rate is monitored) and it has been fine each time (looking for variation in heart rate to match movement). The baby looked GREAT on the ultrasound today....lots of movement, practicing breathing movements, hands in the mouth, wiggling feet, and I even saw hair on his/her head! BP was 115/75.
  • Total weight gain: 25 lbs. Surprisingly, I only gained a pound in the last 3 weeks.
  • Gender: still a surprise!
  • Movement: The kicks are really uncomfortable at times, especially in the evenings and it looks like there's an alien in there from the outside. Every now and then, I'll feel a foot or hand stick out the side. If I push it back in, he/she pushes it right back out. :)
  • Sleep: I'm starting to wake up more to go to the bathroom, but usually go right back to sleep easily. I am generally uncomfortable in the bed by 6:30, so I just get up. I'm so fortunate to still be able to get about 8 hours at night!
  • Cravings: Nothing in particular. After my last Dr. appt at 32 weeks, they called to tell me that I was anemic, so I've been trying to eat more red meat. I still can't handle the thought of a steak, but I've eaten a few hamburgers. I started taking iron supplements and feel a lot better!
  • Symptoms: Just feeling BIG! Still going to the chiropractor regularly, but having some sharp sciatica pains every now and then. Nothing too terrible though.
  • What's next: Continued NSTs each week and I'll see the Dr. again in 2 weeks, at 37 weeks. 
He got a great shot of the baby's face today!

The big 35 week belly. I'm not so sure this will be a 'smaller' baby because of the 2 vessel cord. ;)

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