Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Accidents and Spring Cleaning

We've been having a few accidents around here the last few days. Not potty accidents from our newly trained boy....he's doing great!

All last week, the little insert had been in the bathroom the kids use. Arabelle had been used to not using it, but since Bo was potty training, it had been there for a week. Well, she was used to it being there when she went to use the toilet. I moved it Sunday evening while Bo was in the bathtub (in our bathroom) and had not put it back when she went to use it before bed. Yep, she fell in the toilet and not just a little. I'm talking her bottom on the bottom of the toilet. Poor girl was SO upset!

Then Monday, I finally had someone clean the house, which was MUCH needed! We were getting ready to go outside to play in the afternoon and I nearly fell in the toilet! I didn't look to see that it was up from being cleaned. Luckily for Arabelle, she got to witness the near accident and thought it was hilarious.

And now today was Bo's turn. We had some friends over to play and the bigger kids had moved the insert to use the toilet before they left. I had gone out to tell them goodbye and Bo stayed in at the train table playing. Apparently he had to use the bathroom....Arabelle came running out as I was coming in to say Bo fell in the toilet. Tiny little Bo was IN the toilet! All that was out was 2 arms, 2 feet, and his head. He was hysterical, of course, but luckily it didn't scare him from using the bathroom a bit later.

So, 3 days and 3 people falling or nearly falling in the toilet. Think Jared can survive tomorrow?? ;)

We did do some outside Spring Cleaning yesterday, since the inside of the house was actually clean from top to bottom.

They had just as much fun washing the porch this year as they did last year!

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