Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pre-baby Beach Trip!

We LOVE the beach in the Spring and Summer, so when I found out we were expecting baby #3 in May, I knew I wanted to take the kids to the beach one time before the baby came (I am not interested in taking a newborn to the beach!).

Mama and I took them on Thursday morning, spent the night, and came home Friday afternoon. It was SO much fun!

We got there around 10:30 and went straight to the beach! The weather was perfect....the water was a little cold, but Arabelle says it was nice and warm. ;)

We packed a picnic lunch too!

We skipped nap/rest time (obviously!), played on the beach until around 3:30, went to the hotel pool (cold too!), then had an early supper at Sliders. I had my FAVORITE....crab burger! I love Sliders too because they have a playground. :)

We can't go to the beach without a trip to Coldstone for ice cream. Bo insisted on this blue ice cream with sprinkles. He ate about 3 bites and was done.

Arabelle had chocolate with M&Ms and sprinkles.

And she shared with Bo. :)

They were both SO tired by the end of the evening that they were both asleep by 7:00 and slept like rocks until nearly 7 Friday morning.

Friday was overcast and cooler (65 first thing), but we braved it and went to the beach around 8-8:30 and stayed until around 1:00. The sun came out around 10:30 and it was much better! Again, the water was COLD, but Arabelle insisted it was warm enough to get in. I figured we were only going to the beach once, we'd better just get in. Jumping the waves and splashing around was her favorite part, she says.

So thankful that Mamaw went with us!

 Bo's favorite thing was digging with his front end loader and hauling sand in his dump truck.

We had a great trip and I was SO glad we had the chance to enjoy the beach before baby #3 arrives in a few weeks!

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