Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Disney World, Day 2

Sunday started early....Arabelle and Bo were sharing a room with 2 twin beds. Supposedly, they both woke up at the same time at 5:55. I'm sure one woke the other, but they NEVER wake up that early at home! Mamaw and Papaw's room was right next to theirs and they heard them in there talking (and Bo jumping off the bed). When they got in there, Bo already had his flip flops on for the day. ;)

We had a character breakfast scheduled for Sunday morning at 9:30 at Chef Mickey's. So, we had a LONG morning waiting for breakfast!

We were all excited when it was time to enjoy breakfast! The food was SO good!

Bo's favorite was the Mickey waffles and bacon.

Arabelle's favorite was the watermelon!

Donald came around first. Arabelle was hesitant in the beginning, but Bo ran right up to them for hugs. He was really hyper by the time Mickey and Minnie came around!

The characters come around to each table once you've had time to eat some and there's a few minutes between characters. Bo and Arabelle had trouble waiting for the next ones they saw coming!

Hugs for Mickey

I love this smile on Bo's face!

Arabelle looks so grown here to me.

I really love this one too.

Bo was super hyper at this point.

We really loved doing the character breakfast! It was pricey, but a perfect start to a Disney trip!

From there, we went to pick up Mamaw and Papaw for the day at the Animal Kingdom. Because the kids were up so early, this is what happened in the 10 minute car ride. 

They both slept about 30-45 minutes and woke up ready to go!

First ride, the Triceratop Spin!

First fail at a family photo:

We all really liked the Kilimanjaro Safari! We saw giraffes, elephants, rhinos, and much more!

Then we found a spot for Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade and enjoyed snacks.

Bo waved with all his might as the characters came by.

And had to show Mickey his Jake and the Neverland Pirates t-shirt. I don't know why he was so into showing off that t-shirt!

We also watched the It's Tough to be a Bug 3D movie. That didn't go so well...Arabelle and Bo were both scared and Bo was wailing, but he wouldn't take the 3D glasses off and stop watching. This is the 'before' picture. ha!

Arabelle, Mamaw, and Papaw rode the Kali River Rapids ride Sunday afternoon too. Arabelle liked it, but the water was really cold she said.

We were winding down at this point, but decided to see what the wait for Mickey and Minnie was. Surprisingly it was under 5 minutes! Arabelle and Bo both said they wanted to go see them again that day. 

 *We did do several more rides/attractions that I don't have pictures of.

It was a fun day at Disney's Animal Kingdom!

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  1. I can't believe you did the safari while that far pregnant! you're so daring! how did it go??? it made me feel like i was gonna go into labor!!!! i LOVE all of your pictures!!!! And super awesome about the short wait for minnie and mickey!!!!