Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Celebrations

We've had a lot of fun the last few days as we celebrated Easter! It started Friday morning at Arabelle's school egg hunt.
They had SO many eggs, but the kids had them picked up in under 5 minutes. They were good egg hunters! Arabelle spotted one that we had taken (a soccer ball egg) and she ran by a bunch of them just to get that one egg.

 Class photo

They had lots of yummy snacks!

The boys had the three big balls and Arabelle wanted one. I finally talked her into running and getting one. She'd finally get one, then take it over to play with another girl. Then, the boys would get it back and she'd start all over.

Saturday, we went to the church's Easter Celebration. Arabelle enjoyed the egg hunt and games. Bo picked up a few eggs, then wanted to play on the play ground.

Bo loves putting his hands in his pockets.

Arabelle and her "best friend" Breanna.

Just hanging out and enjoying his mini M&Ms.

Sunday morning, the kids woke up and checked out their Easter baskets. Yes, they are wearing Christmas PJs! 

Arabelle was SO excited about her coloring book. She said "It's just what I wanted!!!". 

Bo and Arabelle have loved the little Easter bunnies in the flower bed. Arabelle designated one as her's and one as Bo's. Sunday morning, Bo pulled one up and said "Bo!!". :)

Sunday afternoon, we went to Aunt Martha's for a delicious lunch and a good time together! The kids enjoyed another egg hunt.

Bo and Tripp

We were going to take a picture together and Arabelle insisted on posing right there in front of the bunny.

Checking out her loot.

Rhianna and Gigi

We had a great time and enjoyed celebrating the true meaning of Easter--a risen Savior!

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