Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bo is 20 months old!

Bo is 20 months old! He has grown and changed so much since his 18 month update!

  • You talk A LOT now, especially at home. You don't have much to say when we are out and about. You can say all the colors, but you rarely match them up to the right color. You like to re-arrange the magnetic letters on the fridge and saying random letters. The biggest surprise is that you can count to 10!
  • You have been eating a ton the last few weeks! In the mornings, you ask for a 'wafull' for breakfast and you want it cold! Then you eat part of our breakfasts and eat another breakfast when Arabelle gets up. You're getting pretty good with the fork!
  • You have a pretty good routine for nap and bedtime. You take a nap around 1pm and sleep for 1.5-2.5 hours (usually 1.5). You wake up really cranky if you nap for 1.5 hours and wake up happy if you sleep 2.5 hours. You go to bed around 7:30-8 and wake around 6:30-7. 
  • Sometime after 18 mo., you stopped wanting to carry a spoon around. You still enjoy brushing your teeth. 
  • Your favorite things are airplanes (you love pointing them out!), balloons, school buses, firetrucks, playing outside, swinging, holding hands, and 'reading' books. 
  • Your favorite foods are cheese, cookies, grapes, bananas, and yogurt. You will eat mostly anything these days!
  • You and Arabelle have so much fun together! You both love to run up and down the hall playing 'chase'.
  • You don't eat in the high chair anymore! For a few weeks, Arabelle sat in the high chair and you sat in the booster seat. We finally got a new booster seat though and now you both eat in booster seats!
  • You still ride rear facing in the car seat. You don't seem to mind! I plan to keep you rear facing until at least 2 years old. You like to watch your DVD player in the car now. If Arabelle has hers, you have to have one too!
I can't believe how close to 2 years old you are getting!

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