Thursday, April 5, 2012


I've got 2 little artists on my hands! Tuesday, we decorated some paper Easter eggs. Arabelle and Bo both liked the glitter pens the most. :)

 She crammed her name on an egg and was so proud!

Bo found a purple crayon somewhere and did a little art work on the wall. I still need to get one of those "magic erasers" and clean it up.
 Arabelle was at school when he did this. I was in the kitchen and he came running in, holding the crayon, and saying "wall, wall!!!". He ran to show me and was pointing, so proudly. His little heart broke when I took the crayon and said we don't draw on the walls. I guess no one had ever told him!! :)
 And don't worry, Bo still loves shoes! :)

We've got lots of fun stuff coming up to celebrate Easter! We made these Resurrection Rolls for breakfast today. It was a really neat way to share the message of the cross to Arabelle and have a yummy treat! When she saw that it was empty, she asked "Is the marshmallow alive??". ha!

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