Friday, April 6, 2012

Play Day

Thursday, we had a fun Play Day! We played outside a bit, then went to the park for more play. There was a pre-k class there from a local elementary school. Bo always draws a lot of attention out of older kids. One boy pushed him in the swing for me, then a little girl kept trying to lead him to other things to play on. Arabelle just kept saying "We don't know them, Bo!". That same girl kept asking me to take her picture too. haha!

Arabelle has really been into choosing her own clothes lately. She loves this little yellow ruffled skirt (got 3 skirts for $3 at the consignment sale!).

 Bo understands sitting for a picture, but doesn't smile unless there's really something to smile about. :)

 Swinging like a monkey!

 Arabelle wasn't cooperating with Bo and this was the result.
 Then he sat down and whined some more.

We've got a fun weekend ahead and I'm sure there will be lots of pictures. :)

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