Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Last week was a blur! I didn't plan a lot of school work so we could ease into it and I could figure out how in the world to make it work. Ha! It ended up going really smoothly, thankfully.

With Zeke taking short naps all the time and needing help going back to sleep, Mae being a toddler and acting like a toddler (needy/clingy/whiny), and getting Arabelle and Bo's school work done, it kind of seemed like a full time juggling act. I was prepared for major chaos and that didn't happen, so I'm calling it a success!

They were watching Mickey Mouse at the end of the day and I found them all perched on Jared's recliner...staying close!

They also made a huge pallet  to 'sleep' on. Don't worry, NO ONE slept on it.

Zeke was fussy one evening, so he helped me cook supper. It was exhausting apparently.

I put Zeke to bed one night and got tickled at his crazy hair. He nurses to sleep about half the time and this was one of those nights, so I risked the flash and took a picture.

He get so smiley when you talk to him!

Thank goodness for the Magic School bus and the Smithsonian for Kids DVDs from the library. Bo stretched back and got comfy one afternoon.

Mae is always taking care of a baby or two.

Mae got stuck in the bucket. :)

Arabelle and Bo discovered this bush/tree in the edge of the yard and have had the best time climbing! During their morning outside time, they sprint to the tree and climb, climb, climb.

Silly girl.

The week was pretty routine until Friday after lunch. Thankfully, Zeke was asleep and the kids had finished lunch. They were in their room jumping on Bo's bed/playing and I was taking a break before putting Mae to nap and finishing reading with Arabelle. I heard a noise that sounded like something breaking, then Arabelle screaming. I thought she was screaming because they had broken something of hers (I thought it was her piggy bank). I got up to go down there and she met me in the hallway covered in blood.

The short version: I asked if she hit her head on the dresser and she said yes, finally got in touch with Jared to get him home, Leigh Leigh came to stay with Bo and Mae, Zeke came with us, and we got to the ER. After we got in a room and settled, we watched some TV while waiting for the stitches. She burst into tears out of the blue and said she was sorry that she lied, she jumped off the bunk bed and hit the ceiling fan, which was on high. :( The bunk bed rule has always been that Arabelle was the only one allowed on top and only for sleep. I was so proud she told the truth (before we got home and saw that the fan blade was bent down). She got some meds to help her relax (and made her funny), got 4 stitches, and we made it home around 5:00. I think it happened close to 12:45.

I'll save the gaping open's the stitched up version:

Fortunately, her hair covers up the bandaid over it, so she likes to keep it covered up. 

Mae and I went to get groceries Saturday morning. She liked hiding in the paper towels. We had a lot of fun together and I enjoyed letting her walk and help me (she has to stay in the buggy when I take all 4 kids!).

Mickey Mouse was on again Saturday afternoon and Zeke was using all his strength to lift his little head so he could see!

The house building has been SLOW, but our back porch is done! I love the range of emotions in this one....


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