Wednesday, August 5, 2015

First Day of School

Arabelle and Bo had their first day of school on Monday, August 3rd. I figured we had better get started because I know we'll be ready to stop by early-mid May. :)

It may be a CRAZY year with Bo home!

He 'photobombed' the first picture and thought it was SO funny. I love how he is doubled over laughing at his joke. Haha!

They are the tallest kids in their classes.

And the class clowns.

We made first day of school cakes and they used almost all our sprinkles on them.

Bo is doing All About Reading Pre-Reading and Singapore Math Kindergarten. 

Arabelle is resuming All About Reading Level 2 (she's just over half way through) and Singapore Math 2nd grade.

Both will be doing Story of the World and My Body science. 

They both had a fun first couple of days! Bo has really enjoyed his and he was surprised. :)

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