Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bo is 5 years old!

Bo turned 5 years old on Thursday, August 20th!

Bo is such a funny kid. He loves to play Legos. I think he'd play ALL DAY if I let him.

Bo wanted an Army Man cake, so it had to be camo on the inside. I found a recipe online, so the inside was green, light brown, and dark brown camo.

Wednesday night I started making the cake, so the kids ended up staying up late to help. It was kind of fun in a weird torturous way. Ha!

Mae had licked her spatula and tried to dip it back into the cake. Stinker!

Last pictures as a 4 year old! 

I don't remember what happened, but Bo was laughing his head off....

Silly boy:

Usually Bo and Mae are the first ones up, right when their 'wake up' clock turns green at 6:45. This day, all 3 kids were up and ready to celebrate! 

Nerf gun!

Bo is the type of kid who gets excited about every little thing. This was a small wooden monster truck that he assembled and painted. He was so excited!

Look at that face! All about a little $1 glow stick with a plastic ax head on it. Ha!

Bo with his "5" pancake.

Because the 'camo' cake called for 2 boxes of cake mix (white and chocolate), Bo got his own small cake, which he decorated himself with his army men and candles. We did the birthday cake that afternoon, after Papaw and Mamaw came. Leigh Leigh and Connie also came over for the fun!

And he ate right off the cake with his fork.

Zeke didn't know that I was giving away M&Ms for the smiles. :)

We met Jared and Sambo for pizza at Danny's, then Bo went to spend some of his birthday money at the Dollar Tree. Arabelle was REALLY excited about the Dollar Tree trip!

Bo had $20 to spend and he came home with 19 items and a big smile. He is a bit of a hoarder, so he keeps all his "stuff" together. He bought army men, plastic spiders, snakes, stretchy frogs, glow sticks, dinosaurs, a monster truck, glow cars, a helium balloon, an army helmet, and probably a few things I've forgotten.

We had a really fun day celebrating our favorite FIVE year old! 

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