Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mini Moments

Again, I'm a couple of weeks behind. Parts of the last two weeks, the big kids spent at Papaw and Mamaw's. Last week they spent Wed evening through Sat for VBS and the week before they spent Thur evening through Sat to play with their cousins. The little kids and I have had fun, but missed them!

Zeke had his two month check up a couple of weeks ago. Mae was so worried about him getting shots and crying!

The last couple of weeks, I've just let the kids play ALL DAY and they got pretty creative. Arabelle is a bird here, with long tail feathers.

Arabelle and Bo have a lot of fun together. Here, Arabelle had just had 5 babies.

Mae loves having popcorn for a snack. She doesn't like when she finds an unpopped kernel though!

 Bright eyed chubby boy!

Bo and Mae like to work together on the laundry.

Tents and forts, always.

Tea party with real water.....grab the towels!

This is the face Mae made when she found out Arabelle and Bo were going to Papaw and Mamaw's again without her. Ha!

Zeke is trying to roll over.

This is how we bathe in the summer.

Mamaw took the kids to the Minion movie. 

Mae, Zeke, and I went to get groceries one day and Mae had to have all her stuff....keys, Bible, phone, and sunglasses.

Catching frogs at night and VBS fun last week!

Here is a glimpse into Bo's personality....ALWAYS MAKING A NOISE. 

Mae playing with her babydoll. 

Zeke and daddy: 

Here's how we spend most evenings: 

 And that's what we've been up to the last couple of weeks!

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