Monday, August 17, 2015

Best Day EVER!!!

I kind of feel like I'm winning at motherhood when Arabelle or Bo declare that it's the "Best day ever!!!" because we did something they loved. And it's usually something really simple.

Last Thursday, our homeschool group had the first meeting of the school year at the state park. Arabelle and Bo have been wanting to go on the hiking trail for awhile. I just couldn't waddle my hugely pregnant self down the trail in the heat the last time we were there. ;)

The meeting and snack/playtime lasted until nearly 5 (started at 3!) and Zeke had been awake the whole time. I really wanted to say 'next time' to the hiking trail, but I didn't and I'm so glad!

Arabelle and Bo were so excited, which made Mae excited (she didn't care what about!). 

They were so excited that I got the BEST picture ever of the three of them and I love it!!

I put Zeke in the baby carrier, thinking he'd go to sleep, but he didn't.

We walked about 20 minutes before heading home and they were happy with that. Arabelle said it was the "best day ever!!!" and we made plans for next time. Hopefully it'll be a little cooler by then!

Zeke was so worn out that he went to sleep holding my finger when we got home.

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