Monday, May 18, 2015

Staying Busy

Being overdue is really frustrating, so we've tried to stay really busy and do a lot of fun activities!

Bo is the frog hunting master. He found and named this one "Mr. Big Pants". Ha!

Mae is always grabbing my phone and saying "I see Nae!" and wanting to take pictures of herself.

Arabelle and Bo wanted to go down the slip-n-slide together. She would put Bo on her back, walk a few steps, and try to slide. It didn't really work, but they had fun!

Last Monday evening, Sambo and Leigh Leigh hosted a 'Blueberry Party' for Bo and Tripp's little friends. It was such a fun idea! The kids picked and ate blueberries, played on the playset, and had pizza and snacks. 

Mae is a blueberry picking pro. 

Tuesday morning, I had my Dr, appt, so our babysitter kept the kids. I brought home packs of balloons and surprised them with a picnic lunch (with the leftover pizza from the blueberry party!). Arabelle loves picnics so much!

Wednesday, Mae was sick with a fever and cold symptoms, so she couldn't go to preschool. I had my non-stress test appt, so she and I went to that, while Arabelle played with Sambo and Leigh Leigh and Bo went to school. Once the appt was over, the girls and I busted Bo out of school early, picked up donuts and cupcakes, then went to the park. 

 Mae played on the playground equipment for awhile, then joined Arabelle and Bo in the little creek to look for 'treasure'.

Friday, Mae was STILL running a fever and seemed sickly, so I took her to get checked out. I assumed it was viral, but considering the situation (weekend + baby by Monday), it seemed like the best choice. Her ears and chest were clear, so it was viral. Phew. Obviously, we needed another donut that day. 

Friday afternoon Jared took us for a bumpy ride in his hunting Jeep in hopes of convincing baby brother to come out. No luck, but the kids had fun!

And we still wait.....

*I'm scheduling this on Saturday....the baby should be here by the time it posts! :)

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  1. Love reading your blog! You guys are the greatest! Hugs