Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was Sunday, May 10th and I was half surprised to not have baby #4 yet, but half expecting to still be waiting too. It was nice to have the day to enjoy the kids and get spoiled a little! :)

I did want a picture of myself with the kids WITHOUT the whining that is usually involved. Once simple sentence helped...."Let's take a picture then you can have CANDY". Worked like a charm. Bo especially is cracking me up because he hates pictures, but he's sitting there smiling like it's his favorite thing. Ha!

It was a really nice, lunch, a long nap, playing outside with the kids, Mamaw & Papaw came, and Jared grilled for supper. 

Seven years of celebrating Mother's Day! So thankful God entrusted these kids with us! 

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