Saturday, May 2, 2015

39 Weeks with Baby #4

It's actually 39 weeks and a few days at this point, which I can't believe! These last few days/weeks has been a blur of busyness and the big day is quickly approaching!

Pregnancy Highlights:

  • How far along: 39 weeks on 4/29, so now we're under a week from the due date of 5/6/15.
  • Size of the baby: Huge, I'm sure. He may do an u/s next week at my 40 week appointment to measure, but they are usually pretty inaccurate at this stage, so I may not waste the time even if he offers.
  • Total Weigh Gain: 30 lb! I'm 1 lb away from my max pregnancy weight, so hopefully I can keep it together until next week.
  • Gender: Boy.....I'm so excited to see him! Bo was a really hairy baby and I'm curious if this one will come out with a little fur coat too. Haha!!
  • Movement: Definitely still a lot of alien like movement going on. He's head down, so I can feel his butt and legs up high and every now and then, he will stick a knee or foot straight out the side. Quite possibly the weirdest thing ever, but fascinating at the same time. 
  • Sleep: Don't get me started. I've always slept really well until having the baby, but this time it's not working out that way. I've never had a baby get up under my ribs until now, so every 30 or so minutes, I wake up with a jab in the rib on whichever side I'm laying on, so I roll over and try to go back to sleep. Usually by 3-4 in the morning, I have to get up awhile because my upper belly/ribs are sore. Training for those newborn nights! I've got a 'nest' of pillows all around me for rolling over. 
  • Cravings: Nothing really, just enjoying the last week or so eating anything I want and having a really good excuse. :)
  • Symptoms: Still going to the chiropractor each week until delivery, so I've not really had much back pain/sciatica. The only pain is when he moves a certain way and hits the sciatic nerve and the pain shoots down my backside and leg. Also having some leg cramps at night and I wake up with my legs feeling like I did in high school after tough basketball game, but I haven't actually done anything. :p No back pain, no contractions, nothing. 
  • What's next: Dr. appt on Wed, 5/6 and we will see if there's any progress (I haven't been checked yet). 
The belly is a bit out of control in size. So many people ask when the baby is due, then say that it looks like he's about to fall out. :p

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