Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas 2014, part 3

Christmas morning! Arabelle had taken some Tylenol with Codeine in the ER, so she crashed when we got home the night before and slept until 7:30 without a peep. Bo is usually up well before 7, but came in a few minutes after Arabelle got up. I think they both had forgotten it was Christmas morning. I was so afraid Bo would go in during the night and open all the presents while we were asleep. Ha!

We woke Mae up around 7:45. They were so excited!

A few new books for Mae....

Arabelle had asked for walkie-talkies and she got them! Bo also loves this new superhero shirt he got in his stocking.

 Bo was excited about his Dusty toy plane (from the movie Planes).

New cups!

Bo came up with the idea of a car that drives up the wall and funny enough, I had already ordered one off Amazon! Somehow, Amazon shipped the car in a box by itself and then shipped another box with the same car and a toy helicopter. They told us they didn't know how it happened, but to keep it. I had also seen the same car at Walmart for a decent bit cheaper, so I bought it and planned to return the Amazon one before the duplicate one even came. So, we ended up with 3 of them. I wrapped the Walmart one, but had forgotten, so I wrapped another Amazon one and didn't realize it until Bo opened two on Christmas morning. haha! I still had one to ship back to Amazon for a refund. :)

They always get new underwear in their stocking and they last all year. Ha!

 Mae wasn't too sure about her new tricycle at first. She learned to ring the bell pretty quickly!

She LOVES her doll stroller! Arabelle had one when she was Mae's age, but it wore out from pushing a certain little brother around. I'm sure Mae will wear this one out with her baby brother too. :)

The big kids also got scooters (snagged a BARGAIN on Amazon for $17 each!) and they LOVE them!

Love this grin!

Papaw and Mamaw came for a visit that afternoon.

It was a nice day at home with each other! 

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