Friday, January 9, 2015

2014 in Review

I say it EVERY YEAR, but I can't get over how much kids grow in  a year! We started 2014 with a 5 year old, a 3 year old, and a 7 month old and they grew so much, especially Mae!

January was the usual month we spent a lot of time at home and inside. Mae was such a little baby!  We painted a lot, Arabelle lost her first tooth, and the kids had dentist appointments.

February: February looked like another fun month! We went to Atlanta for Caleb's birthday and visited the Children's museum, played a lot, Jared and Arabelle had a father/daughter date, we went bowling, and Mae turned 9 months old!

March: This was a big month for Mae....she started walking! The weather was warming up, so we had a lot of park days and we also took a field trip to the Jekyll Island Sea Turtle Center with our homeschool group. 

April included a family trip to Athens for the UGA football spring game, a few days at Papaw and Mamaw's for Spring break, State Park days, Easter, and Arabelle's kindergarten graduation. 

May was so fun!! Blueberries were ready, we celebrated Mae's first birthday & Mother's Day, played outside in the water, picked strawberries, had a amazing few days at Fernandina Beach, and celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary!

June included Father's Day, swimming, Vacation Bible School, soccer camp for Bo, and lots of outside fun! 

July held lots of watermelons, a mini beach trip for the big kids and me, family time, Arabelle started speech therapy, and of course, swimming!

August: I think this was my favorite month of the year! We started the month in Haiti for the VBS mission trip in the mountain village of Maissade. We came home to happy kids! Bo turned 4 this month, Mae had her first day of pre-school, Arabelle began 1st grade at home, and we celebrated Arabelle and Bo's birthday with a little trip to Disney World! Oh yeah, and on our Disney World day I discovered baby #4 was on the way. ha! 

September: Arabelle and Bo had a beach trip with Papaw and Mamaw, Arabelle celebrated her 6th birthday, and Arabelle and I went to Atlanta for a wedding shower and girls weekend away on her birthday, and I was pretty much miserable the entire month. 

October was a blur....Fall parties, church festival, playing outside, and trying to survive. 

November included family pictures with the Bloodworths, sick kids for about a week, Thanksgiving, and getting a Christmas tree. At the end of the month, I was finally feeling somewhat human and we found out this little baby is a boy!

December was full of fun activities...Christmas crafts, the Nutcracker for Arabelle with me, Cinderella play with Papaw and Mamaw, visiting Santa, bowling with friends, and Christmas with our extended family! 

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