Friday, January 16, 2015

24 weeks with baby #4

This pregnancy is kind of flying by at this point! 

Pregnancy highlights:

  • How far along: 24 weeks on Wednesday the 14th
  • Size of baby: Average is just over a pound and the length of an ear of corn
  • Total weight gain: Oops....I was up 21 lb at my appt on Wed! I did start weighing less with Mae's pregnancy than Arabelle and Bo's and less this time than I did with Mae's, so I'm still right about where I was at this point with all 3 other pregnancies. I figure I'll end up right about where I did with the other three. I've been so happy this last month that I enjoy food, so I've been enjoying it to the fullest!
  • Gender: BOY!!
  • Movement: Lots of little kicks when I'm sitting still, especially if I've just eaten. 
  • Sleep: I'm sleeping so good these days! I get a pretty solid 8 hours with one bathroom break in there. I have been having a lot of crazy dreams, which is annoying.
  • Cravings: I ate a lot of pizza this last month, but the novelty is wearing off. Not really having any cravings. I like all the food I usually do now, except grilled beef.....I think it's because Jared grilled a lot when I was sick. The smell is still repulsive! 
  • Symptoms: No more nausea!!!! I'm feeling really good these days. My back will hurt in the evenings some times, but otherwise no complaints. I'll take aches and pains over nausea and vomiting any day!
  • Best moment of the week: Listened to the baby's heartbeat at the Dr. appt on Wed. I took all three kids with me since it was going to be a quick appointment with the nurse practitioner and she asked, "Are all these kids yours??". Ha! I thought that was pretty funny. :)
Next month's appointment will include the gestational diabetes glucose test (yuck!) and maybe an u/s to check the baby's growth? 

There's definitely no hiding it now! 

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