Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Chicken Weasel Nugget Head

Bo is obsessed with Legos. OBSESSED! He would sit all day and build stuff with them. I used some of his Christmas money to order him a few Lego men. It came with 10, but I've only given him 3 so far, because I expect him to lose them. :p

He named the Pirate there in blue 'Chicken Weasel Nugget Head' on Saturday, but he kept forgetting what he named him.

He very seriously asked me how I remember his name. Ha! I told him that it was easy to remember his name because he's my little boy and I didn't name him something silly like Chicken Weasel Nugget Head. Once I said his Lego man's name, he perked up and said, "You remembered!!!" and he hasn't forgotten the name since.

Oh yeah, see the sheriff there in brown and black? His name is Jared, since that's easy to remember. haha!

This silly little boy always keeps us laughing!!!

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