Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Festivals!

We've had a busy fall festival season with lots of fun and candy!

We started with our church's fall festival. The kids enjoyed the games and bouncy house/maze thing, plus lots of yummy food!

 Arabelle, Bo, and Mae dressed as superheroes. :)

Arabelle and her BFF. :)
 Playing games:

And cotton candy!!!

We also went around the neighborhood Thursday evening for a bit more candy. Halloween to us is all about costumes and candy!!

Arabelle chose to be Tiana that day. 

And this past Saturday, we went to Pineview for their Harvest Festival!

Waiting for the parade to start:

Grandpa came around last and we hopped in his convertible to toss out some candy. It was fun!

As you can see, Bo got hungry. 

We made it out to the festival at the park on the edge of town. Arabelle, Bo, and Mamaw enjoyed the train ride:

And Arabelle spotted the lemonade stand on the ride.

Aunt Dawn came down for the fun and Arabelle & Bo enjoyed chasing and cutting up with her.

They had this really neat thing....you get in your 'bubble', the go out on the water and jump around. Arabelle and Bo loved it!

It must have been a little loud when they were blowing up the bubble.

As you can see, we've been staying busy and having a lot of fun! 

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