Monday, November 11, 2013

Mae's Busy Day

Mae had a busy day on Friday!

After her morning nap, we picked Bo up from school and went to get her ears pierced! Arabelle was excited for Mae to match her, but wasn't excited to about Mae crying. She only cried a minute, then was fine!

She will be 6 mo. old on the 20th and has really been going after things I'm holding lately (cups, mail, food, etc.) Thursday I had an apple and I let her gnaw on it a bit:

Then the apple slipped and here's what happened:

Don't worry. She got over it with a little distraction. :)

So, Friday, we had steamed broccoli at supper, so we decided to give Mae a few big pieces to chew on. She was really curious and played with it a bit before putting it to her mouth. Once she did, she decided she liked it and really tore it up!

Here she is in action:

Arabelle and Bo thought it was so neat to see her eating! I can't believe my baby is big enough for this. 

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