Sunday, November 17, 2013

Animal Fun at the State Park

The homeschool group meets at the State park on occasion for playtime (okay, we Moms may enjoy it even more than the kids!). We went a bit early this past week and fed the ducks and enjoyed all the other animals before going to the playground.

The ducks there are a bit aggressive when they see you've got bread for them (and I really dislike birds!), so we got up on a picnic table to feed them. :)

We also walked around to check out the other animals and the ducks followed us. A couple of chickens squeezed through a hole in their fence and followed us too. Oops, I did this one sideways.

Arabelle asked to have her picture made with almost all of the animals. haha!

Ducks following us around....

And Bo nearly fell off the edge here and into the water. Whew!

Mae was there too!!!

It was a fun little outing! 

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