Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10 Weeks

Today I am 10 weeks pregnant with baby #3! That's 1/4th of the way through! It's kind of flying by, despite feeling so poorly.

Pregnancy Highlights:

  • How far along: 10 weeks
  • Size of baby: The size of a prune or approximately 1.2 inches long He/She has doubled in length in 2 weeks!
  • Total Weight Gain/Loss: -5 lbs.
  • Maternity Clothes: Not for several more weeks. With the weight loss, I've got some extra room still. I'll get my maternity clothes back from Lindsey in just over a month. I imagine I'll be ready for the pants by then!
  • Gender: I *think* we've agreed to not find out until the delivery!
  • Movement: Hopefully in just another month or so. Looking forward to those little kicks!
  • Sleep: I am still pretty wiped out by the end of the day. I am usually out by 9 or 9:30 and drag out of bed when I have to in the morning. I am having plenty of crazy dreams and wake up a lot during the night. 
  • What I miss: Energy and not being nauseated 24/7.
  • Cravings: I am still liking a Dr. Pepper or Mt. Dew everyday. I've been eating several Arby's Roast Beef sandwiches each week....that's about all I can manage to eat besides PB sandwiches and scrambled eggs for protein. I did discover that I really like Ranch dip right now. I ate half a jar and half a bag of chips yesterday afternoon!
  • Symptoms: Just the exhaustion, weird dreams, and nausea & vomiting. That's plenty for me. 
  • Best Moment this Week: Um, just getting sick once yesterday?? Looking forward to my next Dr. appt. and ultrasound in 2 weeks!
Not too much of a baby bump yet, but it will come. Arabelle likes to say "Your belly is going to get super big!" and hold her arms out in front of her as far as she can. ;-p

I'm sure when I'm 40 weeks and my belly is HUGE, this will seem like nothing, but there is a bit of a difference (probably to only me). 

I'm excited to start feeling better and feeling this little baby wiggling around in the coming months! 

Next update, at 12 weeks, I'll have a picture of the baby to share. I remember the 12 week ultrasound with Bo showed so much detail!

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