Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Real life

We had quite the day. Nothing unusual going on....just a full day at home. Both kids have congestion & snotty noses, Bo has been extra whiny/clingy and Arabelle, well, she's 2. We survived with painting, coloring, counting, snacks, a little TV, swinging on the front porch, and playing. Oh, yes, and Arabelle chooses to not wear clothes these days. I didn't have it in me to argue with her today.

And this was before noon!

Arabelle uses that chicken leg as a salt shaker. Why was she salting Bo?

Oh, and we played with stickers. She wanted to put them all over me, but I talked her into letting me put them on her instead.
She did say one thing that was really funny. I had finally gotten Bo down for a nap and got her lunch ready. We were at the table and she said "I didn't know Bo was asleep.". I asked her where she thought he was. Her response? "I thought he went to Wal-mart.". Ha!


  1. While Arabelle chooses to wear no clothes, Anderson changes his outfit about 20 times a day - seriously! What's up with these kids!?! :)

  2. haha! Arabelle looks just like a Bloodworth in that last pic!!!
    Glad ya'll survived the day :)

  3. Lol- looks like a typical winter day at home :)

  4. LOL, she is so awesome. Yeah mine goes through 50 outfit changes a day.

  5. That is too funny! Maybe Bo can swing by the in cozy coupe to get Tripp next time he goes to Wal Mart.