Saturday, February 5, 2011

We have been hanging out at the house the last few days. Wanted to share a couple of videos.

Arabelle's imagination is really taking off these days! I forgot to get waffles at the store this week, but Arabelle still wanted them for breakfast. *I should clarify that someone forgot to tell me we were out of waffles.....they are already on the grocery list for this week! :)

Bo sure is growing up fast. He finally got himself rolled from belly to back and I've also seen him try to get his knees up under him. Uh oh! I bet he'll be trying to crawl soon. Arabelle was 6.5 mo. when she got started.

Just doing a little reading on Friday morning.

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  1. Buy the kid some waffles, Big K! :)

    Love the pictures of Bo reading the book!