Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jared's Deacon Ordination

I am so proud of Jared! He was ordained as a Deacon at our church Sunday morning. I am so thankful that the Lord gave me Jared as a husband. He is a wonderful husband to me and father to our children. I hope that Bo wants to be just like him and Arabelle sees Jared as an example of the kind of man she should want to marry one day (many years from now!). We had a great day!

Thank you everyone for coming!

This is as good as it gets with 2 little kids.

Gigi, Bo, Jared, Tripp, Arabelle, and Rhianna


  1. What an honor! We are so proud of you too, Jared!

  2. That is wonderful, Katie! Beautiful pictures of a most memorable day!