Thursday, October 27, 2016

Poppel Farms 2016

We took another trip to Poppell Farms this year! Last year when we went Zeke was a little baby, so this year was even more fun! 

They loved the duck run just as much this year.

I think Zeke's favorite part was the animals. They had rabbits, goats, sheep, mules, chickens, and pigs.


Cow train:

Our group this year:

We took a hay ride out to a field where they set out a bunch of pumpkins. Each kid got to choose a pumpkin to take home.

Love my 4!

We had a picnic lunch, then spent a couple of hours playing on the slides, jumpers, corn bins, etc.

This was Bo's favorite, by far!

Zeke loved the little playhouse.

We had so much fun and a nice quiet drive home while the little ones napped. Mae was ready to pose with her little pumpkin when we got home. :)

We had a great trip to Poppell Farms! 

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