Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October 2016

We have had a busy October! I have obviously gotten a little behind, so here is a quick catch-up on the happenings in October. 

We were still trying to get the yard leveled out at the beginning of the month and the kids enjoyed a few dirt piles (as usual). 

Using the slip-n-slide floats as kites one windy day. :)

Arabelle and Bo both do their own laundry now (Arabelle does girls and Bo does boys) and Mae and Zeke are their helpers. Zeke loves putting the clothes in the dryer and Bo is always so sweet.

Arabelle always wanting to craft!

Park crew

As you can see, Mae is proud of her coloring...ha!

I remember Arabelle putting Bo in tutus when he was 1 and now Mae is enjoying having a little brother to dress up.


The big 3 kids clean out the dishwasher most of the time, so Zeke likes to sneak in on the action.

Matching braids:

Tripp came over to play one day when the schools were out on Fall break and Arabelle went to play with R & G. They boys had a lot of fun!

Tripp also enjoyed helping Bo do his laundry and asked to do more....ha!

Bo's favorite afternoon slices with PB and Nutella.

Word bingo with his All About Reading lessons

Zeke is the perfect snuggle size!

Arabelle always has a puzzle going these days. :)

The usual view during grammar and writing lessons on M, W, F mornings while Mae is at pre-school. Here is Zeke 'reading' during the lesson.

We actually bought pumpkins and carved them this year! I got a carving kit and each kid chose their own pattern.

Arabelle's was the most difficult pattern and it did require a little super glue, but it turned out well! She was proud!

Bo had the largest pumpkin!

The stomach virus hit our house during one Friday night and all the kids were sick except Zeke most of that day. Needless to say he had ENERGY and drove all the kids crazy.

The last two not sick that Saturday evening. Turns out Zeke was the only one with the very strong immune system.

Once we were all better, we had a picnic lunch and got plenty of fresh air.

Strong man:

These kids are always ready to go outside after breakfast. We had a few chilly mornings:

I bought caramel apples this year instead of making them. :p

Picking cotton:

Arabelle is getting so tall!

We missed Mamaw's birthday party with the stomach virus, so we spent an afternoon there the next week....lots of fun!

Arabelle watched a Survivor Man show and went outside and set up a place to roast animals she traps. ha!

Made by Bo: "Time for the Party" tickets

We went to a Harvest Festival on Saturday evening. Arabelle wanted to be a 'mom'. I think she nailed it!

Zeke wore Bo's old pirate costume.

 Captain America, of course.

Mae woke up from her nap CRANKY and took 2 hours to wake up, so this is about all I got of her dressed as Skye from Paw Patrol.

This face!

Bo at 14 months and Zeke at 17 months:

Monday I took the kids Trick or Treating in a neighborhood nearby for the first time and they LOVED it! 

Mae picked her costume (again, she was in a three year old mood, so I told her to select her own costume). She had a Cinderella skirt, Snow White top, and a cowboy hat. Ha! 

And Zeke wanted the hat.

I feel like this is an accurate depiction of our life these days.

It was a busy and fun month! Soccer is starting up now for the big two kids, so stay tuned for that!

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